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Products - OEM Control Panel- Wind Energy / wind turbine panels

We design & build control panels for electrical systems for wind turbines / Wind Energy. Panels for pitch Control, converter, power distribution, etc.

Wind Economics at a Glance

Wind power is one of mankind's oldest energy sources. In 1700, the most powerful machines in Europe were Dutch windmills. During the 1930s, half a million windmills pumped water on the Great Plains. Today's wind turbine is a far cry from the old water pumpers. By using state-of-the-art engineering, wind turbine manufacturers have produced sleek, highly efficient machines that produce inexpensive electricity, and lots of it. Depending on their size and location, wind farms can produce electricity very economical. As wind technology continues to advance, researchers predict that wind energy will soon be more cheaper.

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Control of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are designed to produce electrical energy as cheaply as possible. Wind turbines are therefore generally designed so that they yield maximum output at wind speeds around 15 meters per second. (30 knots or 33 mph). In case of stronger winds it is necessary to waste part of the excess energy of the wind in order to avoid damaging the wind turbine. All wind turbines are therefore designed with accurate control systems.

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Pitch Controlled Wind Turbines

On a pitch controlled wind turbine the turbine's electronic controller checks the power output of the turbine several times per second. When the power output becomes too high, it sends an order to the blade pitch mechanism which immediately pitches (turns) the rotor blades slightly out of the wind. Conversely, the blades are turned back into the wind whenever the wind drops again.

The rotor blades thus have to be able to turn around their longitudinal axis (to pitch)

During normal operation the blades will pitch a fraction of a degree at a time - and the rotor will be turning at the same time. Designing a pitch controlled wind turbine requires some clever engineering to make sure that the rotor blades pitch exactly the amount required. On a pitch controlled wind turbine, the computer will generally pitch the blades a few degrees every time the wind changes in order to keep the rotor blades at the optimum angle in order to maximize output for all wind speeds. The pitch mechanism is usually operated using hydraulics.

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